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How to Get Married in 24 Hours or Less in 3 Easy Steps

Based on True Events

Step 1: Let Go

Sometimes life just gets in the way, which has become particularly true given the twists and turns of this world (thanks COVID). Now the whole event is complicated with the latest CDC guidelines, additional travel requirements and altered plan after altered plan. Oh how we long for the days where the biggest problems were mother-in-laws showing up in white, a drunk uncle or two, or second guessing your color scheme.

As my officiating calendar is booking up for 2023 it’s clear that people are starting to make plans in advance again - but it is oh so refreshing to add spontaneity into matrimony. My partner, Drake Wallace (of Drake Wallace Photography and PROposal Hawaii) gave me a call to ask what my plans were for the evening - which I thought would be a lazy night in binging Alone with him - to which he said great and told me to sit tight as we might have a wedding to do.

Spontaneity is my favorite. This couple, who flew out to Hawaii with their 1.5 year old and are now willing to say ‘I do’ with little to no planning - my kind of humans.

I teach aerial yoga and one of my favorite mantras to share with students is to “let go mentally and physically.” Sometimes the best course of action is to let go and …

Step 2: Say Yes

As the couple's 1.5 year old is having a meltdown in the background of the initial phone call (and who wouldn’t after a plane ride from California to Oahu), she had a million reasons to hesitate to say yes to saying ‘I do.’ I get, living in the day and age of Instagram perfection it’s hard to see the reality of the situation. You want your wedding day to be perfect.

More so, the hotel was giving them grief with room switches, navigating bulky extra baby things (strollers, car seats, food - not many grocery stores on the Waikiki strip). So as we got the call the couple was already stressed and wanting to make the most of what should be a relaxing vacation to Hawaii.

We made it really easy (we get the stress of travel and angry little humans don’t scare us much) and we told them all they had to do was meet us in the hotel lobby and we will take it from there.

Step 3: Execute

Grabbing them from the hotel we planned the whole ceremony on the go. Leave the stroller, strap in the car seat, and let’s get going.

First things first - where are we headed. We presented 3 locations:

  1. Waikiki: With only a quick five minute drive we could be on a sandy beach with Diamond Head in the background. Great option if the child wants to be fussy.

  2. Tropical Beach: We have our favorite location that has everything you could hope for in a Hawaii beach wedding: palm trees, pristine beach, and a man-made off-shore island in the distance. Only 15 minutes outside of Waikiki, it offers a more relaxed feel.

  3. Simplistic Beach: Rolling waves, a few tide pool areas, and ocean as far as the eye can see. Simple, pristine, and about 25 minutes outside of Waikiki.

They immediately went with option 3. The bride’s parents met and married on Oahu and little did they know that this beach is where their parents went on dates and fell in love.

Next on the itinerary - florals. Surprisingly not many places to get fresh flower leis in Waikiki (which is understandably shocking). She really wanted the Hawaiian beach wedding look, so a quick detour to our favorite florist on South Kings Street it is! No problem.

The lil one fell asleep in the car - which gave me time to personalize their vows from their love story that I gleaned from our car ride and them time to get photos of the two of them.

The vows were 4 years (they took the movie The Five Year Engagement a little too literally) and 3 canceled wedding plans in the making. Exchanging heartfelt vows and exchanging rings all while holding their precious child.

The ceremony ended with their little one enthusiastically throwing flowers and playing in the tide pools.

Sometimes you just need to say yes, go with the flow, and finally do the thing. Eloping in less than 24 hours with a photographer-officiant couple who won’t let you pass up the opportunity or any opportunity in life - relax and let it happen because the reality of the reality is that there will never be a perfect time, the perfect time is now and you have to be ready to seize it.

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