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Let’s break free from convention and take our celebration to new heights - maybe even quite literally! Picture yourselves venturing up a majestic mountain, splashing about a waterfall, or even perched on a cliff face, secured by a few trusty carabiners. This package is designed for couples who refuse to be bound by convention and seek to infuse their union with a sense of daring and exploration.

Adventurous Couples: $500 starting

What's Included:

Consultation by FaceTime, Zoom, Phone, or Text/Email

(for the introverts or just very busy couples!)


License Assistance & Filing

I will guide you through the process of obtaining and filing a legal marriage license. 


Customized Adventure Ceremony 

I will craft a ceremony that captures the spirit of your shared love for the great outdoors, weaving in elements of excitement and the thrill of exploration.

Adventure Location Consultation

Having been to nearly every beach and having hiked nearly every trail Oahu has to offer, I would love to help you decide on a ceremony location.

Who This Package is Good For: 

Adventurous Couples

 our weekends are spent on the trails and your instagram is dedicated to North Face & Patagonia.


Outdoor Enthusiasts

Your love language is doing things! Hiking, kayaking, helicopter rides, ATV afternoons, zip-lining adventures, or kayaking. 


Nature Enthusiasts 

Adventure doesn’t have to mean sweating up a grueling 3-mile hike to a look-out. It can be as simple as a stroll to a secluded meadow or a leisurely paddle down a river to a lovely little sandy patch. Adventure is available for all difficulty levels

International Couples

I welcome all international couples and would love to accommodate your language or culture into the ceremony.

Where & What to Wear?


Anywhere you can imagine!

What to Wear?

Best part about wedding dresses - they are usually long enough to hide your muddy hiking boots. Wear a bridal white active set, or stash your change of clothes in a backpack.

Let’s create a wedding experience that reflects the unbreakable bond forged through your adventurous spirits.

Suggested Add Ons: 

Underwater Photography - $450/hour

Did you two meet in the line up at Bowls? Are your vacation destinations centered around where’s the best surf? Maybe you love to paddle board out and explore the coast at a leisurely pace? Not only can the ceremony be performed on boards out at sea - we can also get photography of the whole thing.

Picnic - $80 starting

We’ve made it to the adventurous destination - now you're hangry saying your vows rushing to get back to civilization for food. As simple as a picnic basket with Hawaiian snacks or a few courses prepared by a chef - let’s make sure everyone is full and happy on the big day.

Drone Photography/Videography: $200/hour

Get those epic aerial shots of your adventurous destination

All Inclusive - $999 starting

Want this whole thing to be as low maintenance as possible, my partner in business (and in life) is a professional photographer and we love working together! If you want your ceremony to feel like a double date and a bit more relaxed - this is the package for you. check out the All Inclusive Package

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