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Oahu Wedding Trends 2024: How to Apply Vogue’s Article ‘The Wedding Trends That Are In - And Out - For 2024’ to Your Destination Hawaii Wedding - the INs (Part I)

Welcome to the newly engaged! I am so excited that you have begun your wedding planning and I can already assume that “destination wedding,” " Oahu wedding" and “Hawaii wedding” are among the keywords in Google if you have stumbled upon this article! 

Oahu is a classic destination wedding spot for couples around the world - and rightfully so! We have all the makings of a dream wedding: lush jungles, great climate, long sandy beaches, and an air of serenity. If you are thinking about having your destination wedding in Hawaii, here is some inspiration from Vogue’s December 20, 2023 article, by Elise Taylor, and how it can apply to your Hawaiian Dream Wedding. 

bride and groom on oahu hawaii with plumeria flower crown

What’s In for Weddings 2024: 

If the term “non-wedding wedding,” “nontraditional wedding,” or “anti-bride” hasn’t entered your lexicon, well they probably will! When Vogue polled their wedding planners from around the world, the general consensus is that tradition is out and intimately curated weddings that focus on the couple are IN! Tradition be damned!

This is a trend that I had the luxury of seeing in 2023 - but with a little trepidation.

Couples are still afraid to piss off grandma or deny their family their (i.e. the families) dream wedding.

While I had the joy of watching many couples do it their way, it still had a tinge of guilt that someone will feel affronted by their choice. I love that this is now becoming the norm - to go about weddings in a unique and fun way that is true to their love and personal style. 

Here is what Vogue deems “IN” for 2024: 

Ceremony on Friday, Party Saturday

The traditional sense of a marriage ceremony is two opposites trying to fit together.

It really is a square peg in a round hole.

It is oil and vinegar.

See we are trying to squish in the pious, serious, and emotional nature of the wedding ceremony (my expertise!) with the drunken (usually but not always) party that ensues after.

One or the other will often lose its meaning or intended part in the experience. The ceremony (if you don’t pick the right officiant) can become a dull, nerve wracking performance that gets in the way of the party - or you crash from the emotional upheaval of crying in public and what feels like the weight of the world after so many months of planning - the party is just something keeping you from finally taking a nice long and peaceful sleep after a many months long roller coaster. 

Vogue suggests having the ceremony one day, and party the next - I 100% support this! From an officiating standpoint here’s why this is such a good idea: 

70%* (*a rough gestimation) couples DO NOT want their friends and family to see them cry and be emotional! 

For many people the act of public speaking alone will send them into a tailspin of anxiety and potentially hives. Imagine now adding the fact that you probably will cry uncontrollably and have anxiety - all being caught on film by the many iPhones pointed your way (no matter what you tell that one aunt and uncle, no matter how many disclaimers - they will pull out that phone mid ceremony). 

Kim Kardashian Crying Meme
Everyone's fear - Becoming the Kim Kardashian Crying Meme

YOU should get emotional (in a safe space!)

Getting married is EMOTIONAL! Think about when you first said “I love you” - that was emotional. Think about the proposal - that was emotional! It is these emotions that have led you here - to the biggest emotional display you will make as a couple! You should be allowed to cry and tell them all the embarrassing things you love about them! But maybe you don’t necessarily want everyone there to see and hear that! 

You can enjoy your evening together! 

You are married and you get to - you know….

I bet if we took an honest poll of couples - nothing but passing out asleep in bed is on the docket after a ceremony + a party into the evening.

After all that planning, all that stress - you just want to go to sleep!

Splitting up the ceremony allows you to ride the emotional (good emotional) roller coaster back to the hotel and leaves you refreshed and happy for the party the next day!

Oh the liberties you can take with your vows!

So you watch the Bachelor without fail - let’s have a rose ceremony as part of your vows! 

Love the Mandalorian? Let’s quote it during the repeat after me’s! 

I’ll walk away for your personal vows so it’s just you and your love!

bride and groom share a rose exchange like the bachelor tv show
Enjoy a rose exchange during your ceremony - just like The Bachelor!

All the above ceremonies got to happen because the couples split up the ceremony and party! 

Dutch Masters- Inspired Florals 

Okay, I’ll be honest, I needed to Google this one! From what I gather it is using flowers as an ‘architectural moment” 

Hawaiian florals are great for this! You can’t help but make a statement with a Protea front and center. How about a torch ginger heading the center pieces? Artfully draped orchids? Hell YES! Bold bright colors akin to the sunset! Absolutely! 

To-Go Wedding-Cake Slices and Dessert Stations

Nothing makes me more excited than seeing dessert stations - MULTIPLE!

Some Hawaiian style dessert options: 

  1. Shaved Ice 

  2. Malasadas 

  3. Hawaiian Style Candies - I love a Li Hing Gummy Bear anytime/anywhere

  4. Kona Coffee Espresso Bar out of an Old VW Truck!

Drone Show 

I had the luxury of seeing my first drone show from afar this year - and I loved it! Aerial fireworks are banned! So if you have dreams of anything more than a handheld sparkler - this is your best option and a good one at that 

Drone shows can be customized to completely - spell your name, thank guests, have a hula dancer shake her hips! The ideas are endless and environmentally friendly! 

Check out the New Years Show put on by Sky Elements Drone Shows HERE

Wedding Stylists 

This isn’t just a dedicated someone to pick out your dress…It’s makeup and hair touchups throughout the night. 

I recently had the luxury of not only officiating but also staying for the reception (which is always sweet to be able to attend the couple’s I officiated’s whole wedding!) and she had this built into her schedule and it was GENIUS!

No guessing if you have food on your face or in your teeth (photographers will thank the hours you save them photoshopping!)
Your lipstick will always be perfect! 
Your hair tousled perfection! 

It simply becomes one less thing to worry about! - Which is exactly what you should aim for at your wedding - stress free and pampered to the extreme! 

I have a lot of hot takes on this article, look out for the next installment!

To be continued……

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