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You’ve always dreamed of the dress, the florals, bridesmaids and groomsmen, down to the decorations you’ll add to the edges of the chairs on the aisle…you have had a traditional wedding in mind! While “traditional” we can always adjust to accommodate your preferences!

Weddings: $450 starting

What's Included:

Consultation by FaceTime, Zoom, Phone, or Text/Email

(for the introverts or just very busy couples!)


License Assistance & Filing

I will guide you through the process of obtaining and filing a legal marriage license. 


Ceremony Script

A heartfelt ceremony that captures the essence of your love and commitment with ceremony script pre-approval and revisions.


Personalized Ceremony

I believe that every love story is unique and deserves to be personalized to reflect your journey and preferences.

Venue Consultation

Having seen many of the available venues offered on Oahu - I have my favorites and would love to share my preferred venues with you. 

Who This Package is Good For: 

Traditional Weddings 

Those with 10+ more guests and need for venue accommodations.

International Couples

I welcome all international couples and would love to accommodate your language or culture into the ceremony.

Where & What to Wear?


Any venue that appeals to you - I have several suggestions from a beach in North Shore to a traditional wedding chapel in Waikiki

What to Wear?

Pick a color scheme and a vibe and I will do my best to match it.

Let’s make your dream Hawaii wedding a reality

Suggested Add Ons: 

Rehearsal - $75

Traditional weddings are more production and performance than you might expect. There’s a bit of theater to it all. I suggest staging a walk-through or a rehearsal (even if it is not at your venue) so everyone knows their part.

Bridal Party Yoga - $300 starting

It is a minimum 5-hour flight to get to Oahu, and probably more for some of your guests and bridal party. Ease into your big day with a yoga session on the beach or at one of the several venues I have partnered with for a relaxing yoga class. As an officiant and yoga teacher I have designed a class to relieve stress, stretch out those jet lagged muscles, and breathe work to enhance a calm and serene demeanor for your big day.

I'm Your Barbie Girl - $____

And yes I hope when you read that with the song ringing in your mind - I would love it if you took all the guesswork away and dressed me up! You get a say in what your bridesmaids, groomsmen, and if you're lucky, what your future mother-in-law is wearing - so why not your officiant? I will be in some of your most important photos and I should fit in as much as the rest of your party.

Flat rate of $50 for travel to North Shore or West Side above Ko'Olina.

Price does not include legal fee to apply for marriage license with the State of Hawaii

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