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For years, people have said their I-do’s on Vida Mia. Cruise the coast in opulent style and create lasting memories with you and your love (with the option of up to 34 additional friends and family). With dedicated in-house event planners that are ready to make your dream ceremony a reality, from start to finish your special day will be handled to the detail.

Vida Mia Yacht: Officiant Services Included with Booking

What's Included:

Consultation by FaceTime, Zoom, Phone, or Text/Email

(for the introverts or just very busy couples!)


License Assistance & Filing

I will guide you through the process of obtaining and filing a legal marriage license. 


Customized Nautical Ceremony I will craft a ceremony that captures the spirit of you loves along with elements of the Hawaiian waters.

Assistance with Vendors & Booking

Working closely with the Vida Mia, I will assist in getting a photographer who is familiar with taking photographs on boats, a florist who makes glorious pieces that are wind resistant, and private catering to fit your palette..

Who This Package is Good For: 

Adventurous Couples

You are weekend warriors in search of the new and exciting. 

Vintage Enthusiasts 

Do you both love going to museums, feel more at home in an antique store than an Ikea? The Vida Mia has managed to preserve the majority of her original 1929 form - from the original porcelain tub that undoubtedly doubled as a rum-runner's hold to her original teak decks, you’ll be oohing and awing over the details. 


International Couples

I welcome all international couples and would love to accommodate your language or culture into the ceremony.

Where & What to Wear?


Vida Mia is conveniently docked in Waikiki, a quick Uber away from all the major Oahu hotels. 

What to Wear?

Leave the heels at home (or bring them along for a few pictures) and find a dress that begs to be blown in the wind.

Sail into a lifetime of love

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