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How to Get Married in Hawaii

Getting married in Hawaii has few more legalities than the mainland - but don’t let that deter you.

​Step 1: Apply online for your marriage license at and pay the $65 application fee online via credit card. You'll need my officiant license ID which I will provide to you if you chose me to officiate your wedding. ​

Step 2: You will receive a LOCATOR ID number once you purchase your marriage license. This number is very important to the final processing of your marriage certificate and I'll need it to make everything official. ​

Step 3: Once landing in Hawaii you AND your betrothed must appear in-person before a licensed agent to obtain a marriage license (taking time out of your vacation to do the paperwork stuff isn't the most fun - it usually doesn't take too long). You must both show a photo ID at time of pick-up. The address is 1250 Punchbowl Street in downtown Honolulu.​Double check that all the information on your license is correct and I will fill out the rest after the ceremony. You will receive your marriage certificate in the mail a few weeks later!​

International Couples:   I have married several international couples, don't be deterred by the legal process. You may have a few more documents to complete based on your country of origin. Make sure to check your own countries legal requirements and let your agent know when obtaining your marriage certificate in Downtown Honolulu. 

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