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Tying the Knot in Hawaii: Pros and Cons of a Waikiki Wedding Location

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

At the Heart of Honolulu, Waikiki is what the Strip is to Las Vegas. Everything you need is located in this two mile area: shopping, restaurants, hotels, beaches, etc. Teaming with life, the Waikiki area is great for those looking for an all inclusive, resort feel.

Image of Diamond head from Tantalus

With the majority of accommodations on Oahu, located in Waikiki, it is easy to get lulled into the simplicity of everything being geographically close. Waikiki beaches are probably among the first you scout to plan your dream destination wedding. Below I have highlighted some of the pros and cons of a Waikiki Beach Wedding.


Keep the Distance to a Minimum

This is ideal for those who have a resort state of mind. You want all your amenities within arms reach. Keep the Mai Tai’s coming and towel service provided types of folks. You are on vacation and your resort is likely located among one of the many five star hotels in Waikiki. Whether it’s a classic like the pink Royal Hawaiian or one of the trendier boutique hotels like Surfjack Hotel (have you seen that instagram worthy “Wish You Were Here Pool !”), you likely don’t want to travel too far.

Cross ‘getting to the location’ off your to-do list by keeping your Hawaiian wedding, vow renewal, or elopement close to your home away from home.

Diamonds on Your Finger and Diamond Head in the Distance

The iconic crater that is Diamond Head is a staple of the Waikiki beach skyline. Picturesque and famous, this just screams Hawaii! Having Diamond Head in the background to your Hawaiian wedding, vow renewal or elopement will never disappoint.

It’s Got it All

Beach, palm trees, iconic buildings like the Moana Surfrider or the Royal Hawaiian! The amount of picturesque places is countless. If you are looking for different looks after the ceremony for photos, this offers it all at short distances.

CONS OF GETTING MARRIED IN WAIKIKI (and ways to fix them):


Yes, you too are likely a tourist visiting Hawaii and enjoying the beaches and sun, however, most tourists do not have to worry about their wedding photos showing a myriad of sun worshippers in the background. Luckily, there are pockets of tranquility amongst the Waikiki masses, and I would love to share some of my locations with you! If you want your vow renewal, wedding, or elopement in Waikiki, we can make that happen.


It’s the biggest con and I just have to mention it one more time!

Your Hawaiian wedding could be ruined by an impromptu game of spike ball or worse - neighbors who brought the party with a portable speaker (I don’t think you want to say your vows to a Tiesto remix of Belly Dancer).

Luckily for you most people go to the beach from 9 AM to about 4 PM. Anything before is too early for the jetlagged and after is dinner time (especially for those with kids). Try to plan your nuptials for sunrise or sunset to avoid the crowds and achieve the Hawaiian Wedding of your dreams.


Overall, Waikiki is a great spot for your upcoming Hawaii wedding. Do not be too deterred by the amount of people or lack of privacy for your nuptials - there are pockets of solitude that can be found only a short distance away from the main drag. From Magic Island, to Duke Kahanamoku Beach, I can help you pick a location for your Oahu beach wedding. Fill out my contact form with a date and your wishlist for location and we can get started! OR share with an upcoming friend or family member about to embark on their destination wedding planning.

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